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Aquaworks opts for PET plastics in their bottle production due to their transparency, lightweight durability, and recyclability. This choice aligns with their commitment to quality and sustainability, ensuring product freshness while reducing environmental impact.

PET Plastic


Discover the sustainability advantages of PET plastic for water bottles. PET's lightweight composition reduces carbon emissions in transportation and lowers energy use during manufacturing. Transparency fosters consumer trust by showcasing water quality. PET's recyclability is a cornerstone, cutting new plastic demand and waste. Durability extends usability, while chemical resistance maintains water purity. Embrace sustainable practices and recycling initiatives to effectively mitigate PET's environmental impact. Join us in creating a greener future.



"Committed to reducing our environmental impact, AQUAWORKS minimizes packaging waste through thin forms, sustainable preforms, shrink wrap, and smart pallet packaging."

By taking these steps, AQUAWORKS can contribute to a more environmentally friendly and sustainable future while also potentially benefiting your business in terms of cost savings and improved brand reputation.



Switching from plastic PET bottles to aluminum cans can lead to a favorable change in carbon footprint. While aluminum production initially emits more greenhouse gases than plastic PET production, the lightweight nature of aluminum cans reduces transportation emissions. Additionally, aluminum's high recyclability and value in the recycling market contribute to a lower overall carbon footprint, especially when consumers actively recycle. This transition reflects a step towards more sustainable packaging choices, though the complete environmental impact also considers factors beyond carbon emissions, such as material production methods and consumer behavior.

Purification Process

Aquaworks spring water has a Ph 6.5-7.5, is naturally very low in sodium and contains no chloride or other harmful substances.

Our water around the country purity is highly regarded as we have an enhanced triple filtration process;


• Filtered first naturally under ground,


• Filtered again immediately when extracted,


• Then Filtered to a final .02 absolute filtration process just prior to it being bottled.


This triple safety assurance means there are no hidden impurities and it has a clean, crisp, refreshing taste. No added chemicals or preservatives; just Australia’s purest natural premium Spring water.


We have a comprehensive quality testing system which encompasses everything from receiving the spring water and raw materials through to testing the finished product prior to release. External testing by independent accredited third party bodies is also conducted to validate and support our in house testing regime.


Each load of incoming spring water is tested for analytical and microbiological compliance prior to storage and use. Primary raw materials (preforms, caps) are periodically tested for quality compliance and also for potential microbiological contamination. Secondary raw materials (labels, shrink wrap, cardboard packaging) are also audited for quality compliance.


Sample reports of externally conducted testing can also be provided upon request either by NMI or ALS.

Our Accreditations

We have the highest quality manufacturing standards in Australia.  We have complete control over the quality of our products as we own our premium spring water source and blow and fill the bottles in our modern state of the art bottling plants.  Uniquely so as to ensure highest quality standards, we have a functioning water analysis testing laboratory in our factory with two dedicated senior Quality Assurance Technical Specialists.  We hold HACCP, ISO22000, ABWI accrediction. 

ISO 22000
Australian Mineral Water
5 Star Health Rating
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