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"Unveiling Aquaworks: Crafting Success with Family Values and the
Purity of Natural Spring Water"

Aquaworks was founded in 2008 and is 100% Australian family owned.  The Directors have more than 40+ years in the Australian food and beverage indusstry and are dedicated to providing premium, clean, healthy, purest spring water.

We have 3 water bottling factory's where we blow & fill ourselves all our bottles, plus we own 3 premium spring water sources in: Melbourne, Queensland & Perth.  Our spring water is in excess of 200 million litres per year.

Aquaworks are the innovation leaders of Australia with unique, best selling proucts.  Our products do not contain the nasty chemical BPA, which has been linked to disease and cancer, they are all hygienically single use not refilled and reused and our underground premium Volcanic spring water is triple filtered making our products far superior safer and healthier.  

Peninsula Springs Natural Spring Water is soured from the Daylesford and Hepburn Springs regrion of Victoria, in an area renowned for the purity of its water.  Our story begins over three million years ago when Western Victoria wa surrounded by volcanic eruptions.  

The hot lava hardened in large layer of highly porous rock.  Beginning as rain water that seeped into this ancient extinct volcano, it is here that Peninsula Springs Water travels to the surface, picking up important minerals along the way. As it moves through the fine pores of the layers of granite and basalt and impurities are removed creating this uniquely pure water with an uncompromised taste.

This natural purified water finally emerges at the end of it travels owned,  confined aquifer found 50 meters below the surface where it remains safely stored free of pollution.

Aquaworks Office
Australian Owned
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